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TIP - Need Recognition

Welcome to the initial need recognition stage of the TIP process. The following 20 questions will be asking you about your innovation needs in relation to current practices.

Need Recognition
1   Has one person in your company been given the mission to promote innovation?  
2   Has your company's innovation strategy been defined?  
3   the annual number and percentage of innovative products, processes and services?  
4   Has a specific set of return on investment criteria been developed for innovation projects?  
5   Are resources (people, finance, time) specifically assigned to innovation?  
6   Has the innovation process been formalised?  
7   Has your organization agreed on a definition of innovation that is communicated and understood by everyone?  
8   Is management willing to discuss new ideas with staff in all parts of the organisation?  
9   Do you provide your staff with training about innovation each year?  
10   Do you actively identify customer needs?  
11   Do you recognize and reward staff putting forward new ideas?  
12   Are you completely satisfied with your current portfolio of products under development?  
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