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This online tool is available with or without the assistance of an Innovation Facilitator ; if you would like this assistance or for any other questions you may have during the TIP process, please e-mail the TIP helpdesk: help@tip-eu.org

The main objectives of the TIP process are

•  To help make you aware of the necessity of integrating innovation as part of your business strategy and question your own innovation capacities;
•  To benchmark your company with other small or medium sized plastics companies and with best practices as well as helping you identify weaknesses in your innovation process;
•  To advise you on how to improve your innovation process and offer useful and suitable tools, methods and links supporting the innovation process.

The TIP process

The TIP process aims to help you become aware of your innovation capability, and ultimately to improve your innovation process. Mainly based on a series of questionnaires, the TIP process covers the early phases of the innovation process also known as the " fuzzy front end ". more information- click here (opens a pop up) section 1

The TIP process consists of 5 stages.

•  How well do you innovate
•  Environmental Screening
•  Idea Generation & Evaluation
•  Core Resource Inventory
•  Process Planning

… and of 2 levels of analysis

The 5 stages will be analysed at 2 levels.

• Level 1 incorporates a number of questionnaires to assess your current capabilities in the TIP process innovation stages. Level 1 will also consist of a short analysis and benchmarking of your company against other small and medium sized plastics companies who have used the TIP process.

• Level 2 (at the end of Level 1) of the TIP process, will analyse your company’s profile in more detail as per your answers given in the first stage of the TIP process. Analysis will be broken down within the stages to help look at exactly where your company has weaknesses and areas to improve.

Get more out of it!

To expand on the analysis of the questionnaires, the TIP methodology provides further innovation support by offering users access to the Market Demand Toolkit, a self-help toolkit that gives advice in the field of market research, with special emphasis on the identification of market demands, and by providing an Innovation Platform and Network consisting of formal and personal exchange of information and experiences. The TIP methodology also provides users with suitable tools, methods, links and facilitators to improve their innovation process. more information click (opens a pop up)

Throughout the stages of the TIP process, innovation hubs or networks, consisting of experienced industry or technology actors, (initially the TIP project partners), who have an understanding of the application of innovation processes, will be facilitating the TIP companies through their innovation process; providing specific advice and support. more information click (opens a pop up)

Offline support

Remember you can access the TIP offline support from an Innovation Facilitator. This request can be made at the Need Recognition stage or later on at every other stage of the TIP process. The offline support will provide a deeper level of specialised, one-to-one support compared to individual use of the online tool. For more details about using the TIP offline support or to request an Innovation Facilitator, please e-mail the TIP helpdesk at help@tip-eu.org